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Service industries like recruiting and sales are going through a major transformation. The COVID crisis is accelerating digitization and the ongoing breakdown of large firms into smaller and smaller units. At the same time, many of the old channels just don't work anymore and everybody is on a lookout for approaches that involve less "fishing" and hoping for results.
We believe the most effective way of connecting and collaborating in the future will blend the strengths of trusted personal relationships with the efficiency of technology. Technology like Primeflow.
So, which use-case is ready for change now? What 2-minute activity unlocks the most business value? Purpose-driven introductions. We call this new way of collaborating “Deep Networking” and here is why:
The “Networking
For most people, “Networking” describes the information exchange along existing and new connections. Primeflow lets well-connected people build scalable businesses, taking their networking to a whole new level: from favours to real business. It is normal today to make introductions as favours, for free. With deep networking, each intro is tracked and rewarded if successful, allowing well-connected people to build a viable income stream.
In essence, a person with a strong professional network can become a recruiter or business developer on the side with Primeflow, without taking a full-time job or starting a company.
We call those well-connected people “partners”. From the start, they make quality introductions for rewards and recognition. The most successful connectors can level up and become “Superpartners” and manage their own partner networks.
Primeflow is the platform where the different parties coordinate in an efficient and trusted manner: companies hiring or selling with Superpartners, and their industry scouts.
The “Deep
The term “deep” first and foremost describes the degree of trust and clarity established by using Primeflow. Primeflow sets up a clear and fair business relationship. This includes the necessary contracts, software tooling for tracking and evaluating introductions, and quality control through our unique reputation engine.
What we call “depth” in the case of a business relationship is first, the amount of useful information shared. Second, the value a partner created, reflected in their reward.
These metrics are the foundation of Primeflow’s reputation engine, which highlights the partners who deliver the most value. As a result, the intelligence of Primeflow increases radically as the networks around our Superpartners grow and service more and more companies.
Like in a neural network, the links that prove valuable (as determined by the reputation engine) are reinforced. Primeflow partners who deliver not only get paid but get a stronger voice and access to more opportunities.
Employee referral and sales affiliate programs are known to produce higher quality introductions than your average agency, but at low volume and predictability. Superpartners, with the help of their scout networks and Primeflow’s software, can deliver that same quality, but in a scalable manner.
The Win Win Win
Primeflow creates a win-win-win situation between companies, Superconnectors and their partners.
First of all, individuals are empowered to become part-time recruiters and business development agents. This new opportunity is especially relevant now, when the OECD projects that 15% of the UK population will be out of work due to COVID.
These partner networks can produce better quality introductions at a lower price, a value proposition that could provide a saving grace to distressed companies who can’t afford expensive agencies, large in-house operations, or wasting their time with low-quality conversations by using marketplaces.
Finally, although Primeflow has a clear economic component, it’s really about increasing sustainable collaboration. What if your network could help your friends' and neighbors' business? And, what if their networks could help yours?
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