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James Brayshaw

James Brayshaw describes himself as a revenue-driven enterprise sales leader. He is an expert in building sales teams, effectively communicating value propositions, nurturing relationships, and brokering high-value technology deals.
James also acts as an advisor and broker for a number of tech scaleups as part of his role running the technology brokerage firm Winshaw. As an example of his work, he more than doubled the revenue of one client from £700k to £1.8m prior to a subsequent trade acquisition.
Based on his long-standing expertise in UK and EMEA sales, he is in an ideal position to identify, train, and coordinate the right partners to deliver sustainable growth across the region. His extensive network and approach to making new connections provide unprecedented access to major enterprises.
How does Winshaw use Primeflow?
Primeflow helps power Winshaw's Virtual Sales Team, a technology brokerage service that provides clients with new sales qualified opportunities on a weekly basis. The platform allows Winshaw to scale sales operations without any increase in their fixed overheads. This model provides accelerated access to new opportunities and streamlines the client acquisition process, significantly reducing the time and money required to drive revenue growth.
With every successful introduction made, Winshaw’s reputation as a Superpartner increases, unlocking more opportunities in the future. This setup allows for a win-win-win between customers, partners, and the agency.

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