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Joona Mäntyvaara

Joona, founder and CEO of Business Spark, helps businesses to develop sales frameworks and build their sales assets.
He is also a Mission Founder of Entrepreneurs of Europe with a passion “to put innovative European entrepreneurs in the spotlight and share their story to the world”. He has previously worked at a range of international technology companies and entrepreneurial projects.”
With over 15 years of experience in sales, communication, and networking, Joona is a consummate Superpartner at Primeflow. He uses this experience to identify clients his network could provide the maximum value for.
How does Joona use Primeflow?
As an expert in sales, Joona uses Primeflow as a way to ensure that clients are connected with the most promising sales leads through his vast network. The tool makes it easy for him to coordinate with partners who make introductions happen.
Joona and his partners are getting paid for their successes while Primeflow boils down their track record in a reputation score that creates accountability to maintain the highest quality.

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