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Juho Toivola

Juho is a leading HR influencer in Finland with over 35k followers on LinkedIn. He is using Primeflow to turn his network and audience into a private recruiting operation.
Most days - Juho speaks, trains, and consults on the matters of recruitment, work-life, the future of work, and psychometrics. His background in psychology and recruitment experience in various renowned companies such as Finnair, Elisa and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have paved the way to his current position.
We met Juho through a referral in the first half of 2020 and together we asked - what is the next level for super-connectors like him?
How does Juho use Primeflow?
Juho has used his reach and trust on LinkedIn to attract over 100 potential partners, of which the most promising ones are now identifying tech talent on the ground for Finnish tech companies. His role as a curator of candidates is crucial to maintain the highest quality standards for suggested candidates.
Primeflow equips Juho with a platform to source and organise potential candidates from his network, to then forward the most promising ones to recruiting clients, for which he remains the main point of contact. As an expert in recruiting, he can handpick the best opportunities and candidates. Companies are only exposed to the most interesting talent and need to spend significantly less time on interviewing.
Because Primeflow allows him to scale his operations seamlessly, he and his network can offer their talent scouting services at a lower rate than recruiting agencies, and purely on a success basis - while working with talent pools which are not reachable otherwise.

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