The Flow

We believe that networks of professionals will outperform traditional companies across all service industries. However, coordinating large groups of independent actors is difficult.

We need a compass for competence, based on the track record of delivered value. We need mutually beneficial partnerships. We need a backbone for private, personal business. This is why we built Primeflow.

The Primes

  • Daniel Svonava

    Founder & MD

    After a 6 year tenure as a Tech Lead in YouTube monetization, Daniel is leading the charge on the monetization of business networks.

  • Ben Gutkovich


    Focused on strategy and growth, Ben leverages his management experience from McKinsey & PwC and a background in Software Engineering.

  • Jan Baeriswyl


    As an ex-Googler with a knack for marketing, Jan combines psychology with a background in business strategy to help unlock the value of relationships.

  • Balazs Kemenes


    With a few startup software engineering roles under his belt, Balazs drives our engineering architecture while keeping an eye on product and UX.

  • Carmen Mueller

    Marketing & Community

    After Ogilvy and Nestlé, Carmen joined Primeflow to lead our marketing, community management and social media efforts.

  • Teddy Grosz


    After a decade of engineering and an extensive FinTech experience, Teddy is in charge of Primeflow's backend, data architecture and DevOps.

  • Marco Conservo

    Growth & CX

    With a truckload of passion, Marco leans on his background in hospitality to take our users from exploration, through onboarding to success.

  • Marianna Brezinova


    As a junior full-stack engineer, Marianna is in charge of our key web properties - and

  • Alex Penno


    With a background in consumer UX, Alex is putting Primeflow's complex market network model behind a delightful user experience.

  • Andras Sulykos


    After over a decade with C++, Andras picked up full-stack development and now is the only person we trust to build our payments infrastructure.

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